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The Women's Working Committee of Qingsanba Xinhai Holding Group Held a Story Sharing Meeting on "Touching Xinhai Women's Elegance"

On March 8, on the occasion of the "March 8th" International Working Women's Day, the Xinhai Group Women's Working Committee's "Moving Xinhai Women's Style" story sharing meeting was held in the conference activity center. Wang Zhiquan, chairman of the supervisor, Huang Haichao, assistant to the general manager, Liu Jianwen, director of the planning department, Wang Li, director of the catering department, Wang Guozhu, deputy director of the office, and representatives of the Women Workers Committee served as judges of the event.

Through the preliminary selection, a total of 10 women finalists. Some of the contestants are impassioned and cadence. Some are affectionate and gentle. Some are relaxed, lively and humorous. They tell the touching stories of Xinhai women workers one by one in their own way, showing the feminine demeanor of women petrochemical workers in the new era, demonstrating Xinhai's "half the sky" Do not forget your initiative mind, keeping in mind its mission, and making outstanding contributions in building safe production and ensuring smooth operation.

After online voting and wonderful speech competition, the final selection of the winners. The quality inspection center Zhang Yanna won the first prize in this activity. The continuous reforming workshop Shi Yifan and the metering center Li Fei won the second prize. The asphalt workshop Liu Cheng, the continuous reforming workshop Han Yu and the storage and transportation workshop Liu Hongyan won the third prize. The tertiary hydrogenation workshop Teng Huan, the office Li Lu, the quality inspection center Pan Xin and the secondary hydrogenation workshop Xin Guifang won the excellence award.

The company leaders presented awards to the winners in turn.

Wang Zhiquan, chairman of the supervisor, delivered a speech. First of all, on behalf of the company, he extended holiday congratulations to all female employees in Xinhai and wished everyone better results in their jobs in the new year. Mr. Wang emphasized that female employees are an important force in the development of the company, and they play an extraordinary role in ordinary positions and continue to strive to be women's pacesetters.

Everyone watched the "March 8th" special-"Send You a Little Red Flower". The male employees of the company sent warm blessings to the female workers in Xinhai in a special way.

Liu Jiashuai in the maintenance workshop sang the praise of Xinhai female workers from the majority of cadres and employees with a song "The Brightest Star in the Night Sky.

The Women's Working Committee of Xinhai Group distributed gifts such as flowers and roast and rinse pots to the women workers of the company, sending holiday wishes to the women workers.