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Warm Heart and Warm New Year-Chairman Zhan Guohai Condolences Frontline Staff on New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve, thousands of lights, Xinhai holdings of the majority of front-line employees still stick to their jobs, for the company's safe and stable production escort. On the evening of February 9, Chairman Zhan Guohai went deep into the production line and sent the company's care and warmth to the forefront of production. Company leaders Hu Jingang, Wang Zhiquan, Xu Weijing, Liu Jian, Han Yueshu, Xu Hao and Huang Haichao participated in the sympathy activities.

The chairman and his entourage successively arrived at the central control center, production equipment area, fire command center and other sites to send good New Year wishes to the cadres and employees who stick to the front line. Every time the chairman went, he shook hands with his staff and partners one by one, "Happy New Year to everyone, New Year greetings to everyone, hello to the family..." The chairman sent New Year greetings and New Year condolences to everyone, and took a group photo with everyone. The chairman said that at this moment of reunion of thousands of families, the front-line cadres and employees gave up their small families for everyone, continued to stick to their posts, guarded the safety and stability of the device, and praised everyone. At the same time, the chairman also urged everyone that all units should strengthen safety awareness, eliminate potential safety hazards, strengthen safety inspection, and achieve "one minute on duty and 60 seconds of due diligence."

The new era shows new deeds. The chairman's condolences further stimulated the enthusiasm of the cadres and employees to start a business, so that the cadres and employees who stick to their posts can truly feel the warmth of the company, strengthen the cohesion and centripetal force of the employees, and accumulate strength for the company to achieve leapfrog development in the new year.