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Xinhai Holding Group organizes physical examination for all employees to care about their health

In order to ensure the health of employees and create a good working environment, the company will carry out an annual physical examination of employees in the newly opened medical service center. From October 2 to 21, the company will conduct a comprehensive physical examination of all cadres and employees in batches.

Physical examination mainly includes blood routine examination, electrocardiogram, blood glucose, blood pressure, urine routine examination, liver function, lung function test, chest X-ray, electroaudiometry, toxicity test and other health examination items. In order to timely grasp the occupational health status of employees, the company has established a medical examination management file for each employee according to the regulations on occupational health surveillance, and has continued to do a good job in occupational health examination of employees, forming a complete occupational health surveillance system, and implementing the principle of "people-oriented and caring for employees".