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Hebei Economic Daily reported on the digital construction of Xinhai Holdings under the title of "'Old Bone' transformed into 'Flying on the Cloud '"

"Please pay attention! Someone in the operation area is not wearing a safety helmet in violation of safety regulations!"

On March 3, in the safety management intelligent command center of Hebei Xinhai Holding Group Co., Ltd., located in Bohai New District, Cangzhou City, the real-time safety risk monitoring and emergency response system detected that some workers did not wear safety helmets as required, and immediately issued a safety warning. The AR panoramic map simultaneously marked the location of the illegal workers.

Upon receiving the early warning, the personnel on duty immediately locked the violators through the map and informed them to wear safety helmets through the Internet of Things, thus eliminating a potential safety hazard.

"In addition to small safety hazards such as workers not wearing safety helmets, we can also find and eliminate other hidden dangers in time through intelligent systems." Han yueshu, security director of xinhai holdings, said proudly in front of the AR panoramic map.

"Setting up a real-time monitoring and emergency disposal scene of safety risks has helped us realize the source management of safety risks. Through AR panoramic map, the monitoring accuracy of the system has reached the centimeter level, realizing the face recognition and clear display of license plates entering the factory."

The real-time security risk monitoring and emergency response scenario set up by Xinhai Holdings, through a dual prevention mechanism, based on security risk identification and control, identifies risks from the source and carries out hierarchical control of risks, reducing risks to a controllable range.

Han Yueshu said that due to the particularity of the industry, the lack of standardization of safety management processes, unclear information on hidden risks, and insufficient awareness of employee safety and health risk protection have been plagued by the development of large petrochemical companies. In 2020, Xinhai Holdings began to try to create a digital security risk real-time monitoring and emergency response scenario, using AR technology, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing and other new generation of information technology, to achieve enterprise risk control intelligence, visualization, improve the level of security.

In 2023, Xinhai Holdings was rated as an "excellent scene for real-time monitoring and emergency response of security risks" by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, with annual sales of 80.6 billion yuan and tax revenue of 10.6 billion yuan.

"The government work report said that we should pay close attention to safety production and emergency management. Our next step will be to vigorously promote intelligent security applications at the same time, continue to promote multi-system integration, through technology integration, break the data silos, to achieve rapid data fusion processing, and further improve the scene early warning capabilities." Zhan Guohai, a representative of the National People's Congress and chairman of Hebei Xinhai Holding Group Co., Ltd., said.