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China's total online tourism consumption has reached trillion

According to the National "Internet plus Tourism" Development Report (2021) released by the Data Center of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism on the 7th, the proportion of the national scenic spots receiving tourists by appointment during the Spring Festival is as high as 60%, and at ordinary times it is 40% to 50%. The total amount of online tourism consumption has reached trillion.

The National "Internet plus Tourism" Development Forum and 2021 Henan Smart Tourism Conference were held in Zhengzhou on the 7th. The report released at the conference pointed out that "Internet plus" has become a new scene of mass tourism and a new driving force of smart tourism. The digital era of Internet of Everything will accelerate the ecological integration and innovation of tourism industry, and bring more possibilities and opportunities for intelligent tourism management and marketing.

Du Jiang, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, said in his speech at the forum that "Internet plus" is becoming an important driving force to promote the transformation, upgrading and high-quality development of the tourism industry, and the trend of digital transformation and development of the tourism industry is accelerating.

Du Jiang said that to accelerate the development of smart tourism characterized by digitalization, networking and intelligence, it is necessary to actively integrate into the construction of new smart cities and digital villages, and open up data islands; Guided by improving convenience and service experience, guide the innovation of tourism public service mode, and develop special applications and interfaces for the elderly and other special groups; Accelerate the integration of online and offline development, and let culture and tourism resources "live" with the help of digital technology.

It is reported that the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the National Development and Reform Commission and other ten departments jointly issued the Opinions on Deepening "Internet plus+Tourism" to Promote the High Quality Development of Tourism on November 30 last year, proposing to optimize the business environment of "Internet plus+Tourism" and promote the high-quality development of tourism with digital empowerment.

It is understood that, in the next step, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the National Development and Reform Commission will, in accordance with the division of responsibilities, strengthen tracking, analysis, coordination and guidance, coordinate and deepen "Internet plus tourism", and accelerate the development of smart tourism.