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Hebei Xinhai Holding Group Oil Products Canggang Railway Special Train Successfully Launches

On the morning of December 12, colorful flags fluttered on the special railway line of Xinhai Holding Group, and the launching ceremony of the oil Canggang railway train was held here. Wang Jian, Director of Tianjin Freight Center, Xu Zhihua, Secretary of Cangang Railway Party Committee, Liu Fulu, President of Xinhai Holding Group, Liu Jianping, Executive Vice President, Xu Weijing, Deputy General Manager, Xiao Ligang, Liu Fuxiang, General Manager of Aokai Petrochemical, Zhang Jiahui, Sales Director, Tianjin Freight Center and Cangzhou Depot of China Railway Beijing Bureau Group, and heads of relevant departments of Cangang-Hong Railway attended the starting ceremony.

At 10:18, as President Liu Fulu announced the commissioning of the Hebei Xinhai Holding Oil Canggang Railway Special Train, the whole audience immediately salted, and the 202 train full of 50 knots of refined oil slowly drove out of the factory, marking the official opening and operation of the Xinhai Holding Oil Canggang Railway Special Train.

At the launching ceremony, Xu Zhihua, Secretary of the Party Committee of Canggang Railway, delivered a speech. On behalf of Canggang Railway Company, he first expressed warm congratulations on the opening of the special oil railway line of Xinhai Holding Group. The commissioning of Xinhai Holding Group's special oil railway line has opened up the last kilometer of railway transportation for Xinhai Holding Group, which will play an important role in improving transportation efficiency and reducing logistics costs for enterprises. at the same time, it has also made a model for the development and expansion of the Bohai New area Lingang petrochemical industry and the transformation of low-carbon green transportation.

Executive Vice President Liu Jianping delivered a speech at the ceremony on behalf of Xinhai Holding Group. He said that the commissioning of the oil Canggang Railway marks another upgrade and upgrade of Xinhai Holding Group's refined oil products and transportation methods. It is saving transportation costs, promoting energy conservation and reducing consumption, improving safety index, and improving business efficiency. It has far-reaching significance. He said that Xinhai Holding Group will continue to uphold the enterprise spirit of "virtue, integrity, dedication and innovation", strengthen unity and cooperation with partners, and achieve win-win cooperation.

Xinhai Holding Group's special oil railway line is a major strategic decision of Xinhai Holding Group and Canggang Railway to thoroughly implement the Party Central Committee and the State Council's carbon peak and carbon neutral major strategic decisions, fully implement the Hebei Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial Government and the Cangzhou Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government to optimize the transportation structure Work deployment, accelerate the green and low-carbon transformation of product transportation, and jointly plan and jointly promote the completion of a special oil transportation railway line after nearly 5 years.
The special oil railway line of Xinhai Holding Group is led out from the west throat of Yanger Manor District Station of Cangang Railway and extends northeast into the factory area of Xinhai Holding Group. The main line is 1.4 kilometers long. There are 4 oil loading lines in the factory area, with a designed annual transportation capacity of 4.23 million tons.