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Snow and Wind Unimpeded Xinhai People

A heavy snow hit, in the face of extremely cold weather, all Xinhai people, stationed in the company, leading cadres to strengthen duty, anti-freezing and anti-condensation, patrol inspection, go all out to be the guardian of the device.

Snow in the Xinhai, wrapped in silver, is very beautiful.

Snow is an order. A snow sweeping operation began to ensure the safety of production operations. Similarly, the busy figure is fixed as another beautiful scenery line in the ice and snow.

The extreme cold pattern continues, but it cannot stop the strong Xinhai people. A heavy responsibility is a responsibility to move forward bravely, guarding Xinhai and this petrochemical city.

Sweeping snow jade is dust, and returning to people at night. At 21: 26 on December 15, 2023, I returned from working overtime to sweep snow.

Lang Lang Gan Kun Ruixue to, moisten all things Splendid Shop.

Sweeping snow, removing ice and cold, and being loyal to Xinhai people.