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Hebei Xinhai Chemical Group participated in the "3.15" International Consumer Rights Day "Quality, Honesty and Brand Creation" Quality and Integrity Commitment Declaration

On March 15, international consumer rights and interests day, Hebei quality and Culture Association launched the quality and integrity commitment declaration activity of "emphasizing quality, stressing integrity and creating brand" with the theme of "transmitting quality trust, boosting market confidence, building quality integrity and helping brand promotion". Hebei Xinhai Chemical Group actively responded and actively participated in the declaration of quality commitment with many well-known enterprises in the province, In the "3.15 special issue" launched by Hebei economic daily.

This quality declaration is not only a solemn promise made by the company to the society, but also greatly enhances the popularity and market trust of the "Xin Bohai" brand. At the same time, it is also an invisible supervision of the company's own development. We will continue to operate in good faith, innovate and develop, continuously improve, pursue excellence, and create a "good faith brand" and "boutique brand" that satisfy the market and reassure customers ".