Scenic Area Information

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Xinhai Petrochemical Cultural Park is located in Bohai New Area, Cangzhou, Hebei

Xinhai Cultural Sightseeing Park: including Rainbow Step Bridge, East West Symmetrical Main View Square, Theme Sculpture, Viewing Platform, Riverside Walkway, Cultural Shelves, Green Forest Belt, Creative Lights and other business elements. The square is more than 1000 meters long from east to west, about 20 meters wide from south to north, and covers an area of more than 20000 square meters. It is located in the strip riverside area to the south of the Group's "Xinhaimen". It is one of the important node projects for the Group to develop tourism oriented green enterprises.

The sculpture with the theme of "Moving steadily to the future": it is 6.28 meters long and 3.28 meters high. It is made of 36 sections of stainless steel square combination, showing a trend of "high in the east and low in the west". The auspicious figures are linked with the auspicious shape, reflecting the vitality of the auspicious gas coming from the east. In terms of modeling combination, square stainless steel plate is used for finishing combination, which is square and upright, with convex and concave overlapping, indicating that the Group flexibly grasps the market, stably develops, and strides forward to a large enterprise group of quality benefit and green environmental protection in intensive transformation, enlargement and strengthening.

The stainless steel sculpture "Arc Column Holding the Ball": with the idea of developing the abstract industrial elements of the double cycle market, it forged the enterprise's connotation of benchmarking the world, scientific and technological innovation, green rise, courage to take on the responsibility, courage to be the first in the new historical opportunity period, and expressed Xinhai Holding's beautiful vision of focusing on the future and "synchronizing the world, leading China".

"Climbing the Peak" stainless steel sculpture: through the artistic abstraction of the Group's logo, it takes the momentum of "going hand in hand and climbing step by step", and vows to strive for the first-class enterprise enterprising spirit.

Fenghuangpo: There are many kinds of trees, such as Fatong, Longbai, Begonia, and Greeting Pine. The plant has an area of 500 mu of green plants, with a number of nearly 100000 trees. The garden style green factory of "flowers in spring, shade in summer, fruits in autumn, and green in winter" has a panoramic view. The enterprise is moving towards green, ecological, tourism, and sightseeing petrochemical enterprises.

Safety warning road: the road sign "A Q" is the first letter of safety and security, indicating that the enterprise puts safety first.

Ann. It means that only when the enterprise is safe, can people be safe, the enterprise be safe, and the enterprise be in long-term stability.

"Life is paramount and safety is paramount" means that safety is the cornerstone and lifeline of an enterprise.

"People oriented, stable and far reaching" profoundly clarifies that the enterprise puts the overall development and personal growth of employees in the first place, and employees must constantly improve and grow to meet the needs of enterprise development.

Xinhai Lake: The water is clear and rippling. There is a viewing platform in the lake, with three colored sails standing in the middle, like a solid triangle, symbolizing the smooth sailing of the enterprise.

Ecological fish pond: it is a highlight project of the sewage treatment center. The sewage treatment plant invested and constructed by the company has a sewage treatment capacity of 800 m3/h. The technology and patented equipment of Deliman Company in France are introduced for process support. After the advanced treatment steps of the company's domestic and production sewage, the physicochemical treatment method is adopted to make our water quality change qualitatively, so as to achieve the purpose of recycling and environmental protection. The company's water for green plant irrigation and ecological fish pond comes from here.

Fire fighting parent-child activity camp: visit the daily fire brigade training project display and vehicle equipment, make fire-fighting themed handmade works, learn to wear fire-fighting clothes, experience riding on the ladder, experience the life of firefighters, "be a little firefighter one day", have had enough "fire addiction", understand the importance of fire safety, and learn more about fire safety.

Party building culture exhibition hall: The whole exhibition hall is divided into two parts, "the road of the original mind, red lead". The development process of the Party and the enterprise will be vividly displayed, so that people who visit the exhibition hall will be baptized by the soul and resonate with the spirit. The exhibition hall also has four functional areas, including the oath room, reading room, heart to heart talk room and party member training center. It has become an important group of Party building cultural exhibition halls.