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Paying tribute to mother in the name of love Xinhai Holding Group organized Mother's Day condolences activities

May Day, Thanksgiving Mother's Day. In order to carry forward the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation and highlight Xinhai's corporate culture concept of respecting the elderly and filial piety, on May 11, when Mother's Day is approaching, Xinhai Holding Group organized a Mother's Day condolences and warmth activities. Deputy General Manager Sun Ruihong and Planning Department Minister Liu Jianwen and his party visited the mothers of 40 employees and sent them condolences and gifts, bringing the company's warmth and care to every family.

Every time they go to an employee's home, the company leaders give cordial greetings to the employee's family, understand the employee's family situation, tell them to take good care of themselves, and thank the employee's family for their support and understanding of Xinhai Group. Employee mothers also said that they will continue to support the work of their children and live up to the nurturing feelings of the company.

Over the years, Xinhai Holding Group has been adhering to the people-oriented corporate philosophy, through various forms of activities, to care and help employees, to show the good fashion of virtue and integrity, so that everyone can gather the strength for good in action, know how to be grateful, employees and enterprises achieve each other, create brilliant.