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Xinhai Holding Group Held Launching Ceremony of 2024 "Safety Production Month"


On the occasion of the 23rd national "safe production month", in order to further enhance the safety awareness and emergency response ability of all employees, thoroughly implement the safety production policy of "safety first, prevention first, comprehensive management", and achieve the company's annual safety management goal, on June 2, Xinhai Holding Group held a safe production month launching ceremony with the theme of "everyone stresses safety, everyone meets emergency-smooth life channel, executive Vice President Liu Jianping, Vice President Tan Junjie, Chairman of Supervisors Wang Zhiquan, Deputy General Manager Xu Weijing, Assistant General Manager Han Yuesu and representatives of cadres and employees of various departments attended the ceremony.

Executive Vice President Liu Jianping introduced the background and purpose of the event, and announced the official launch of the "Xinhai Holdings 2024 Safety Month Event.

Wang Zhiquan, chairman of the board of supervisors, made a speech on the mobilization of security activities. He requested that the majority of cadres and employees must firmly establish safety awareness, improve emergency response capabilities, let safety concepts become behavior habits, and build corporate safety and quality culture.

Representative Zheng Jingguo, deputy chief engineer and director of the catalytic workshop, made a speech, saying that he would take this opportunity to strengthen coordination and linkage, comprehensively improve the level of safety management and control, and successfully complete various tasks.

Later, the participating cadres and employees signed the safety commitment on the banner "everyone talks about safety, everyone will respond to emergencies-smooth passage of life.

The "Safety Production Month" series of activities are rich in content and diverse in forms, covering six major topics: safety production publicity and education and emergency training, safety knowledge competition, production safety accident emergency drills, fire skills competition, major accident hidden danger investigation and management, and emergency science explanation contest. The company will organize full participation, the whole process of assessment, all-round coverage, and effectively promote the safety of production work to achieve results.

Safety month is in June, safety is not just June. In the next step, Xinhai Holdings will continue to rely on a high-end, intelligent, and digital safety production management and control system, with high standards and strict requirements to implement safety production responsibilities, throughout the year, and truly let "safety" always be around and serve as a new chemical material base. Escort the construction of the project, and make every effort to promote the company's high-quality development to be stable and far-reaching.