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Accompany you to love the world Xinhai Holding Group to organize parent-child garden activities


The breeze is blowing and the parents and children are walking together. The beautiful and pleasant June is coming quietly. In order to let the children experience a relaxed, interesting and free Children's Day, on June 1, Xinhai Holding Group organized the second "June 1" parent-child garden tour. 25 employees led their children to visit Xinhai Petrochemical Cultural Park and felt the unique charm of the national AAA tourist attraction during the play, enjoy the modern industrial civilization and Xinhai industrial wind brings a different style.

Enter the Xinhai Chemical Culture Museum and jointly explore the novel world of intelligence. The cool and colorful intelligent equipment instantly ignited the enthusiasm and interest of the children. With the introduction of the commentator, while understanding the development process of Xinhai, we also explored the mysteries of petrochemical culture and modern production technology.

The quality inspection center with flowers and plants and good trees into forests brings children a natural experience. They can't wait to learn about the types and growth environment of tropical and subtropical plants, and feel the uniqueness and beauty of each plant. Then the laboratory technician carried out lively and interesting scientific experiments, led the children to explore the magic and fun of chemical experiments, and deepened their understanding of chemical knowledge.

Drive along the blue sightseeing road and come to the fire safety research base. The tall and powerful "fire robot" greets the children in the square. Firefighters on-site teaching and car exercise performances stimulated the children's interest in fire fighting knowledge. They actively interacted on the spot, had the courage to explore, and presented a competition of knowledge and courage. In order to strengthen the children's awareness of fire safety, the firefighters played a fire video, took the children to visit the firemen's dormitory, and learned fire fighting knowledge in laughter, which benefited a lot.

Accompanied by their parents, the children walked to the party building cultural exhibition hall to gain an in-depth understanding of China's century-old vicissitudes and the history of enterprise innovation and development, received patriotic education, strengthened their ideals and beliefs, remembered the party history, and carried forward the excellent spirit of the Communist Party.

Every jump and run is the warmest happiness. In the gymnasium, innocent and lovely adorable children chase each other among their favorite sports equipment and try enthusiastically. Parents frequently record that the gymnasium is full of childlike interest in an instant. In the visitor center, the children watched carefully, and the parents took pictures frequently, recording beautiful pictures.

The restaurant also prepared a sumptuous lunch for the children. The children's faces were filled with the satisfaction of delicious food, and the bright smile showed the pure and bright happy time.

The company has prepared exquisite holiday gift bags such as stationery boxes and schoolbags for the children, full of blessings and love for the children, and hope that the children will grow up healthy and happy, always sunny, positive and upward. Finally, the parents and children took a group photo in front of the sculpture, ending the Xinhai trip full of love and surprise.

This parent-child garden activity is always permeated with a joyful atmosphere, which not only makes the children feel the joy of Children's Day, but also provides the parents of busy employees with the opportunity to accompany their children to grow up, put down the rush and exhaustion of life in free play, enjoy the comfort and beauty, and feel the love and companionship between parents and children. For the parent-child family to create a happy and unforgettable warm memories, to promote the staff family more harmonious, more harmonious enterprises.