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Cadre lecture hall cultural guidance, thick plant feelings


On April 8, the cadre lecture hall opened in the multimedia conference center of the marketing building. middle and high-level cadres watched the documentary film-"I Offer Oil for the Motherland │ Life Xu Daqing".

The documentary film tells the story of the beginning of the Daqing Petroleum Conference in 1960. Wang Demin went to Daqing with the dream of "offering oil to the motherland", overcome one technical difficulty after another, went through hardships, continuously improved oil exploration technology, and made a lifetime of petroleum.

This training allowed middle and high-level cadres to learn the persistent spirit of independence and hard work of the predecessors in the industry under difficult conditions. Everyone said one after another: I am encouraged to watch the documentary film. In the future, I will take root in Xinhai, work hard to realize my self-worth, and contribute to the prosperity and development of Xinhai.