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Cadre lecture hall cultural guidance, thick plant feelings


On March 25, the cadre lecture hall opened at the multimedia conference center of the marketing building. middle and high-level cadres watched the documentary film-"I Offer Oil for the Motherland" "Iron Man" Wang Jinxi ".

This training made middle and high-level cadres not only understand the development process of PetroChina, but also feel Wang Jinxi's strong feelings of home and country, as well as the "iron man" spirit willing to work hard and contribute to the development of PetroChina.

As a Xinhai person, as a petrochemical person in the new era, we should deeply study this "iron man" spirit, always adhere to the corporate culture as the guide, cultivate the feelings of "Xinhai's rise and fall, everyone is responsible", and adhere to correct values and codes of conduct. Contribute to the prosperity and development of the enterprise.