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Xinhai Holding Group Held Symposium on Celebrating May Day Outstanding Employees

The first heart is ingenious and praises the laborers. On April 30, when the May Day International Labor Day was approaching, Xinhai Holdings held a symposium for outstanding employees celebrating May Day in the conference room on the fourth floor of the office building.

At the meeting, outstanding employee representatives from various units combined their own positions, connected with actual work, talked freely, expressed their feelings, and put forward suggestions on corporate development, cultural construction, education and training. It shows the "master" spirit of Xinhai people who are conscientious and willing to contribute and the fighting spirit of workers in the new era.

On behalf of the company, Wang Zhiquan, chairman of the supervisor, extended holiday greetings to all cadres and employees, and called on everyone, Do not forget your initiative mind, inherit ingenuity, stand on their posts, take responsibility, forge ahead, strive for excellence, be a high-quality worker, and add talent support to the high-quality development of the company.