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Light the way home for you


When the mortal light grises into a torch, it illuminates the whole society and warms everyone's heart. As Xinhai people, I am cheerful, treat work positive, helpful, honest and friendly. Has been pursuing the professional ethics and spiritual quality of Xinhai people. Because of this, I helped a child who was lost in the street at night to find his way home.

At about 7: 10 on November 22, 2023, I had dinner at Jinlong Pedestrian Street in the port and was preparing to return to the company when I saw a three-year-old boy walking left and right to the east intersection. I felt that the child was not safe alone. I instinctively stopped him and asked, "Where are your parents?" The child cried and said, "My father beat me, and I was afraid that I would run out." I asked his parents' names and telephone numbers, but the children didn't know, so I took him to the police station near the entrance of the port middle school.

As the night approached, there was a slight chill in the breeze. There was no one in the police room. I immediately called 110 for help. The police came quickly. I cooperated with the police to explain the specific situation and left my name, phone number and ID number to facilitate the follow-up investigation of the police. After returning to the company, I learned that the little boy had found his family, and my hanging heart was relieved.

A gentle and warm words, a period of ordinary and firm waiting, a bold and courageous action, are enough to burst out shocking power. With good thoughts and good deeds, starting from this time, starting from small things, starting from you and me, mortal good deeds can radiate light and heat in the silent moistening of things, and become a strong positive energy to promote society to be good.

(from luoquan of heavy asphalt workshop)