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Hebei Xinhai Chemical Group Co., Ltd. Chemical New Material Base Project (Phase I Project) Environmental Impact Assessment Draft Publicity


According to the Measures for Public Participation in Environmental Impact Assessment, the relevant matters concerning the environmental impact assessment of the project are hereby announced as follows:

1. Project Name and Project Summary

Project Name: New Chemical Materials Base Project of Hebei Xinhai Chemical Group Co., Ltd. (Phase I Project)

Project summary: The project covers an area of 316 hectares. The first phase of the project mainly includes medium oil conversion unit, light hydrocarbon recovery unit, light oil pretreatment unit, aromatic hydrocarbon conversion unit, light hydrocarbon aromatization unit, aromatic hydrocarbon extraction unit, toluene disproportionation unit, PSA unit, gas fractionation unit, propylene butane dehydrogenation unit, MTBE unit, sulfuric acid unit, sulfur recovery unit, etc., and supporting tank farm, warehouse and other related facilities. After the completion of the first phase of the main annual output of benzene 539900 tons, mixed xylene 1.0141 million tons, MTBE 327300 tons and so on.

2. pollution control

The company has adopted perfect pollution prevention and control measures, in line with industrial policies, three lines and one order and other relevant requirements, and all kinds of waste gas, waste water and solid waste have been properly disposed.

Ways and means for 3. to inquire about the draft of the environmental impact report

1. Link:

Extraction Code: 6ufa

2. Ask the construction unit for the draft of the paper environmental impact report.

Public Scope and Main Matters of 4. Consultation

To solicit the public's suggestions and opinions on the environmental impact and environmental protection measures of the Project within 5km of the plant site, and accept the public's supervision, so as to improve the environmental protection measures of the Project.

Ways and means of 5. public input

The public can submit the completed public opinion form to the construction unit within the specified time by letter, fax, e-mail or other means provided by the construction unit to reflect the opinions and suggestions related to the environmental impact of the construction project.

1. Link:

Extraction Code: 6ufa

Start and end time for 6. public comments

10 working days from the date of publication.

7. contact person and contact unit

1. Construction unit: Hebei Xinhai Chemical Group Co., Ltd.

Contact person and telephone number: Feng Yujuan 15131792280

2. Compiling unit: Hebei Qizhen Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. Bian Yi Tel: 0311-83033190