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The Party Committee of the Group Launces Party Day Activities on the Theme of "Remembering History, Remembering Martyrs and Striving to Be Xinhai People of the Times"


In order to deeply study the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech to pay tribute to the heroes, educate the broad masses of party members, cadres, and young people to deeply cherish the revolutionary martyrs, continue the red blood, carry forward the revolutionary tradition, and carry forward the spirit of patriotism. On the morning of April 3, on the eve of Ching Ming Festival, Xinhai Group Party Committee organized party members and activists to go to the Huanglieshua Memorial Hall, the site of the Great Memorial Hall of the Dazhao Village tragedy in Yangerzhuang Village, Yangzhuang Town.

In the square of the Huanghua Martyrs Memorial Hall, representatives of party members first presented flower baskets to the statue of the Huanghua Martyrs. Everyone bowed their heads in silence and bowed in salute, deeply cherishing the great achievements and heroic dedication of the revolutionary martyrs, and expressing their infinite admiration. Afterwards, all party members reviewed the oath of joining the party, comforted the heroes with a clank oath, and inspired everyone to devote themselves to the next work with more enthusiasm and a more high-spirited attitude. Finally, everyone went to visit the site of the Dazhao Village tragedy. Under the impassioned explanation of Mr. Sun Jinsheng, they recalled the struggle of the Huanghua martyrs who devoted themselves to the revolution and gave up their lives. Pieces of cultural relics, photos and historical materials make the historical picture of blood and hard struggle reappear in front of us. We deeply feel the great sacrifices made by the martyrs for national liberation and national rejuvenation, and also realize the hard won of today's happy life.

This party day activity allowed everyone to receive a profound revolutionary traditional education in ideology and strengthened their patriotism. Everyone said one after another that we should bear in mind the history, carry forward the national spirit, inherit the fine traditions, inherit the will of the martyrs with practical actions, carry forward the heroic spirit, and promote the high-quality development of Xinhai to a new level with a more vigorous fighting spirit and a more pragmatic style. achieve new results.