Xinhai Scenic Spot

Large private enterprise group integrating production, processing, sales, trade, logistics and transportation, and real estate development

1. OTA platform ticketing travel agency/B-end distributor ticketing official account/applet/official website ticketing Window ticketing Self service ticket vending machine

2. By ID card/voucher code/mobile phone number Manual window ticket collection Self selling ticket machine

3. Paper ticket inspection With ID card/card/mobile phone number Handheld machine verification or gate machine ticket verification

4. Manage ticket inventory, record the number of visitors, information, behavior, data, statistics, revenue and expenditure, accounting data, multi-dimensional statistics, various data, multi-level customer tag classification

5. One stop comprehensive e-commerce platform ticket/tour/food/accommodation/purchase can be sold, supporting multi-channel and multi platform drainage, multiple interactive tools, marketing fission, nationwide distribution, and marketing transformation

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