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Xinhai Holding Group Held the 4th "Xinhai Power Cup" Staff Tug-of-war Competition to Celebrate May 1

In order to further enrich the staff's cultural and sports life, enhance the staff's cohesion and sense of belonging, and create a good atmosphere of advocating labor, unity and harmony, on the morning of May 1, Xinhai Holding Group held a tug-of-war competition to celebrate the May 1 International Labor Day and the fourth "Xinhai Power Cup" in the west square of the office building, with 24 teams from various departments actively participating. Chairman Zhan Guohai went to the scene to watch the game during his busy schedule. Vice President Hu Jingang, Supervisor Chairman Wang Zhiquan, Deputy General Manager Xu Weijing, Assistant General Manager Wang Shuguo, Huang Haichao, Liu Manyi and other company leaders participated in the event.

With the whistle of the referee, the participating teams of all parties went all out, worked together on one rope, united and fought, and the inch "rope" must fight, presenting a wonderful visual feast for the audience. The whole competition scene climaxed one after another, wonderful, cheerleading shouting resounded through the field, the audience applauded deafening. With the same long rope and the same dream, the team members not only pulled out the competitive spirit of never giving up and fighting tenaciously, but also showed the Xinhai strength of unity and striving for excellence.

After many rounds of intense and fierce competition, the fire brigade passed all the way and successfully won the championship. The hydrocracking workshop and the catalytic workshop won the second and third place respectively. Company leaders were awarded trophies to the winning teams. Finally, Wang Zhiquan, chairman of the board of supervisors, delivered a speech in which he affirmed the good performance of the participating teams and called on everyone to unite and cooperate in their future work, forge ahead courageously, and help the development of the company.