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Xinhai Group's Report on Fulfilling Social Responsibility in 2023

The Board of Directors and all Directors of the Company warrant that there are no false records, misleading statements or material omissions in the contents of this report, and assume individual and joint responsibility for the truthfulness, accuracy and completeness of its contents.

Hebei Xinhai Chemical Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the company" or "the company") was established in 2000 and is located in the Gangcheng Industrial Park, Huanghua City, Bohai New District. It is mainly engaged in Sino-foreign petroleum trade and petrochemical product processing and sales, logistics and warehousing. It is the first "dual-power" enterprise in Hebei Province that has the right to import crude oil approved by the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Commerce. In 2023, the company won the 407th place in the "Top 500 Chinese Enterprises", the 192nd place in the "Top 500 Chinese Private Enterprises", the 208th place in the "Top 500 Chinese Manufacturing Enterprises", the 130 place in the "Private Chinese Manufacturing Enterprises", and the 45th place in the "Top 500 Chinese Petroleum and Chemical Enterprises. Over the years, the company has been adhering to the corporate culture of "virtue, integrity, dedication and innovation", adhering to the road of green ecology, leading science and technology and sustainable development, closely following the national new development concept, promoting the construction of industrial Internet, relying on the advantages of Huanghua port in Cangzhou, to build a new material base of "oil head and tail", and contribute to the realization of regional high-quality development. The company's work report on social responsibility in 2023 is as follows:

1. operation in 2023

In 2023, the domestic economic pressure will not decrease and the market competition will be fierce. The company adheres to the line of being a solid and strong enterprise, changes its thinking to promote motivation, carries out various operation and management work in an orderly manner, gives full play to its industrial advantages, continues to explore the business model close to the market, and achieves the annual production and operation objectives with quality and quantity. In 2023, the company realized sales revenue of 35.3 billion yuan.

2. corporate ethical standards and corporate internal control governance.

As an entity enterprise processing and sales of petrochemical products, the company has more than ten years of development. In the process of production and operation, it has always adhered to the cultural concept of "virtue, integrity, dedication and innovation", adhered to high standards of production quality, pursued honest service, and won wide praise from customers with high-quality products and sincere service.

The Company has long been concerned about the establishment and improvement of the internal control system and the improvement of the corporate governance structure, and has taken the initiative to disclose the Internal Control Evaluation Report and the Report on Fulfilling Social Responsibility. In 2023, the company will continue to promote corporate governance, ensure the effective checks and balances and coordinated operation of the "three meetings" mechanism of the general meeting of shareholders, the board of directors and the board of supervisors, and strengthen the linkage mechanism between the management level and the company as a whole. While continuously improving and improving the internal control system, promoting management transformation and encouraging innovation and development, the company will take into account the quality and efficiency of operation to ensure the double growth of scale and efficiency. The Company continues to supplement and revise relevant internal systems in a timely manner in accordance with the new rules and requirements issued by the regulatory authorities, and carries out the inspection and supervision of internal control under the guidance of the Audit Committee. With the full cooperation of all relevant units and departments of the company, the annual internal control operation objectives have been basically successfully achieved, and the rectification plan has been implemented in a timely manner for the deficiencies found in the inspection to ensure the overall effectiveness of internal control.

Responsibility of 3. in promoting sustainable social development

As part of the social composition, the company pays more attention to maximizing the long-term return on capital, so the company emphasizes sustainable development, actively undertakes social obligations, and establishes good relations with stakeholders.

1. Responsibilities to shareholders and other stakeholders

The Company pays attention to continuously improving its governance structure, standardizing its operation, ensuring that all shareholders equally enjoy all legitimate rights and interests stipulated by laws, regulations and rules, and ensuring that shareholders can fully exercise all basic rights conferred by law. The company continues to pay attention to the reaction of the capital market and proactively builds links with investors.

The company has established a long-term and stable credit relationship with commercial creditors by virtue of its good credit rating. The bank not only provides financial support for the company's operation, but also brings stable income for itself. The company always pays attention to maintaining financial stability and asset and capital safety, taking into account the interests of creditors. The company's major business decision-making process has fully considered the legitimate rights and interests of creditors.

The company is actively committed to the effective combination of product quality and market demand. The company continues to make beneficial attempts and active explorations in business ideas and marketing models. Under the premise of following the laws of market development, it strives to build a company that meets the company's development reality and has growth potential. The sales system, while promoting brand culture, further enhances the vitality of the company, and lays out the company's sales network with orderly management methods. The company adheres to the principle of honest management and mutual benefit, respects the reasonable needs of customers, provides customers with corresponding service support, and seeks win-win cooperation and common development.

2. Responsibility to the employees of the enterprise

The company has always emphasized the responsibility to employees and advocated a friendly and dedicated working atmosphere. While the scale of the company continues to grow and the performance continues to improve, it has created employment opportunities for the society and planned better career development prospects for employees.

In accordance with the "Labor Law", "Labor Contract Law" and other provisions, the company has formulated employment systems and personnel management systems including recruitment, training, assessment, rewards and punishments, etc., and the company signs labor contracts with employees in accordance with the law and participates in various social security systems, Pay all kinds of social security fees in full and in proportion, and employees enjoy five insurances and one housing fund.

The company continues to promote the talent team construction system, focuses on cultivating outstanding talents, and pays attention to the inheritance of teacher and apprentice technology. In addition to daily strengthening of professional training for employees, it also carries out management training, laws and regulations training and other multi-dimensional and multi-level training according to the company's production needs. Project, select outstanding employees, give preferential treatment to business backbones, form a good atmosphere of establishing models and striving to be advanced, and strive to build a career platform for healthy growth for employees. In 2023, the company conducted more than 100 training sessions for various types of employees. At the same time, it has further improved the salary assessment mechanism that matches the actual situation of the company, and strives to explore the potential of employees, and realize the common progress and common development of employees and the company.

The company attaches great importance to occupational health and safety management, and has passed the occupational health and safety management system (ISO45001) certification for many years. It has a clear system and sufficient budget in terms of employee occupational health and safety production. It organizes regular physical examinations for all employees every year.

The company supports trade union activities, improves employees' awareness of democratic management, protects employees' right to know and participate, and stimulates employees' spirit of ownership. While creating benefits, the company has achieved annual growth in employee wages, benefiting all employees from the fruits of enterprise development, and building a harmonious labor relationship. In addition, the company also regularly holds various sports competitions such as football, basketball, swimming, speech and so on to enrich employees' spare time life. Regular Father's Day condolences, Mother's Day condolences, visits to poor families, etc., to bring the care and greetings of the enterprise to the families of employees; Major festivals will provide employee welfare products and welfare allowances to improve employee treatment and happiness.

3. Responsibility for product quality

As a petrochemical product processing and production enterprise, the company always puts product quality in the first place, strengthens quality control, strictly implements quality standards, takes providing high-quality and qualified oil products as its own responsibility, and is responsible to customers. Among them, the "Xin Bohai" brand created by the company has been favored by customers and received high praise.

The company has not only established a sound quality management system in terms of quality management, passed the quality management system (ISO9001) certification for many years, but also built a professional quality inspection team with more than 100 professional quality inspectors in the team. the quality inspection laboratory has passed the (CNAS) certification of the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment and reached the national recognized laboratory inspection standards. In addition, the company's gasoline, diesel and other products continue to maintain a good record of 100 percent pass rate when they are subject to spot checks by government market regulators.

4. Social responsibility

The company paid taxes on time and voluntarily, and paid 10.6 billion yuan in 2023, making positive contributions to economic construction and social development.

In addition, the company adheres to responsibility and responsibility, actively practices social responsibility, and always integrates social responsibility into the production and operation of enterprises and future strategic planning. In 2023, the company will actively participate in various public welfare activities: participate in Tencent's "99 Public Welfare Day" online fund-raising activities, raise 53300 yuan, and make a modest contribution to charity; Participate in the "Hundred Enterprises Help Hundred Villages" targeted poverty alleviation action and "Ten Thousand Enterprises Prospering Ten Thousand Villages" action, distribute rice, oil, chemical fertilizers, etc. to the villagers of Maying Village, and continue to carry out activities such as donation and aid, donated more than 200 million yuan to the Red Cross Society of Xianxian County, Hebei Province, 20000 yuan to Cangzhou Tourism Association, 500000 yuan to Bazhou Red Cross Society, nearly 1 million yuan to Cangzhou No. 16 Middle School, and 400000 yuan to Yangerzhuang Town, demonstrating the social responsibility and responsibility of the enterprise.

Responsibility of 4. in environmental governance

The company adheres to the road of green ecology, leading science and technology and sustainable development, closely follows the new development concept of the country, and attaches importance to environmental and ecological protection. For many years through the environmental management system standards (ISO9001) certification. The company obtains raw materials in accordance with the law, strictly abides by the relevant national regulations, and legally purchases and uses them in accordance with the approval procedures. At the same time, the company also improves the technological process and improves the technical content to minimize the loss of raw materials. While continuing to innovate and update, the company is also constantly exploring more energy-saving, emission reduction and green production technology and management methods. As the company has implemented environmental protection management standards in place in recent years, the water, gas, sound, and slag caused by the company's production have been inspected by the local environmental protection department, which can meet the national environmental protection requirements and achieve discharge standards. In addition, the company also continues to carry out energy conservation and emission reduction work, and strive to reduce water, electricity, coal, gas and other energy consumption.

During the reporting period, the company continued to strengthen the supervision and daily management of existing environmental protection equipment, timely upgrade and transformation, timely review its own functional positioning and production layout, strictly refer to the national emission standards, and meet the emission standards; the company also requires all units to attach great importance to environmental protection management, Make a good record of the implementation of the environmental protection system.

In the future operation and management, the company will continue to firmly establish the awareness of corporate citizenship, abide by social morality and business ethics, accept the supervision of the government and the public, and further enhance the sense of responsibility of social members while pursuing the maximization of economic benefits, protecting the interests of shareholders and creating the value of employees, We will continue to make efforts in the rational use of resources, effective protection of the environment, creating harmonious relations among stakeholders and better fulfilling social responsibilities, and make greater contributions to creating a harmonious society.

Hebei Xinhai Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd
February 18, 2014