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Team spirit

In today's society, as people communicate more frequently, the problems we are facing are becoming more and more challenging, and the spirit of teamwork becomes particularly important in accomplishing major tasks. The so-called team spirit, simply speaking, is the overall situation consciousness, the spirit of cooperation and dedication of the concentrated expression. When we Xinhai formed our own corporate culture, with the core spirit of "virtue, integrity, dedication, and innovation", we unified the thinking of every Xinhai person and laid the foundation for building a distinctive Xinhai team.

"Synchronizing the world and leading China" is the common concept of our Xinhai people and the pursuit of our Xinhai culture. It has guided Xinhai's journey of climbing the peak, challenging itself, working hard and building a monument since its inception. With the rise of steel forests, each of these sets embodies the common wisdom and sweat of all our Xinhai people. It is precisely because all members of our Xinhai work together and work together that the company can develop and grow in a difficult environment and fierce market competition. Therefore, we should always adhere to the "team cooperation" as the guiding principle of cultural construction, and constantly improve it.

Mutual trust is the core of team harmony. The establishment of trust requires us to have a common heart. We in the team are striving for a common goal, and personal interests must be subordinated to collective interests, which is the embodiment of the overall situation consciousness. Once some members have selfishness, the team will not move 100% towards the collective goal, and what is more serious is that it will affect the cooperation of the whole team. Some people deceive leaders and colleagues for personal reasons such as promotion and salary increase, more praise and less criticism. They do some superficial work and try their best to shirk their responsibilities. They do not do what they should do, do what they do wrong, do not want to make progress, others do wrong, and watch jokes nearby. These phenomena of "being wise and keeping one's life" should be avoided in the process of team culture construction. We should have the courage to take responsibility and try our best to do everything we should do. Even if we do something wrong, we should have the courage to admit our mistakes, recognize the gap with others, correct them, and actively make up for our own shortcomings with the strengths of others. It doesn't matter if we get some criticism personally. It's 10,000 times better than muddying through and not doing business. Having selfishness will affect the collective interests and teamwork, and ultimately affect the personal interests; holding a common heart can promote team unity and cooperation, and ultimately promote the team to help each other and create brilliance together.

All of us in Xinhai must unite our efforts, help each other in the same boat, build a team with strong combat effectiveness, and work together to create a better future.

(from hydrocracking workshop Zhang Yong)