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植树护绿扬新风 构建鑫海绿色发展新格局

It is another year of good spring scenery, and it is time to plant trees and add green. In order to respond to the national call for tree planting, enhance the awareness of green environmental protection of cadres and employees, improve employees' love for enterprises, and create an ecological, civilized and green Xinhai home. On March 11, on the occasion of the Arbor Day, Xinhai Holding Group took the "Learning from Lei Feng Activity Month" as an opportunity to carry out the 2024 voluntary tree planting activity and practice the spirit of Lei Feng with practical actions. Company leaders Wang Zhiquan and Huang Haichao, as well as company party members, league members, cadres and employees, and young volunteers participated in tree planting activities.

In the process of planting trees, everyone worked together, worked in groups, was full of energy, and put into action with full enthusiasm. They picked up shovels, buckets and other tools one after another to help seedlings, cultivate soil, tread on soil and water. Each link was treated carefully. The newly planted thorns took root in the soil, forming a belt-shaped green barrier, adding new vitality to Xinhai's greening.

As a national AAA-level tourist attraction, Xinhai Holdings thoroughly implements General Secretary Xi Jinping's idea of ecological civilization, practices the concept of "green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains", and continuously enhances the awareness of ecological civilization of planting, loving and protecting green. Contribute to the construction of a new pattern of green development in Xinhai.